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Mix and Match any of our five flavors of ERG! Bars at $2.49 each.

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NEW! Orange Espresso ERG! Bars
Real oranges and espresso from Higher Grounds Trading Company right here in Traverse City.

Lemon Blueberry ERG! Bars
The Crowd Pick - Your told us this was the one you wanted - and we agree !!

Cashew Raisin ERG! Bars
Cashew Raisin is the original ERG! and is still a favorite with many. A perfect blend of flavors in a melt-in-your-mouth bar.

Apple Ginger ERG! Bars
If you like apples, you'll love these bars that have just a touch of snappy ginger. They're favorites of both Jeff and Jason.

Apricot P'Butter ERG! Bars
Keith's new favorite, they're more chewy than our other two bars, with a peanut butter taste that's just right.

Pecan Date ERG! Bars
Our newest, Holy cow are these good. A touch of Cinnimon, Cardamom, and Vanilla.

Choco-Cherry ERG! Bars
You've asked for it for it, and here it is with a touch of Cherry too. All natural with Raw Organic Cocoa Nibs for a bit of crunch, our testers said "best yet".

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